I started doing commissions just this year. If you look at my store section, you’ll see a product called ‘Personalised Artwork’ this is if you want a special piece designed for you. I tend to avoid words as it get complicated and I’m still learning how to keep a steady hand (However if it is just one word, I make an exception. This is how I determine my prices).

Size x Time x shipping = Cost

This covers all expenses and equipment, if I need to buy extra paint or tape. Before I start painting I will give you quote on how much it costs. Then I will send some designs digitally and paper based. This allows you to see and agree what kind of colour scheme looks best, and other details like that.

Wheneve you purchase something from my store you will either get a option to buy small, medium or large. Here are the prices:

Small - £30,

Medium - £50,

Large - £100

I will always show you what the canvas looks like and you can follow the process on my Instagram of how it all comes together, (I also shoot a videoing the entire process).

Down below you can see the sizes of canvas I have in stock;

This is a Small 20cm x 20cm⬆️

This is a Medium 48cm x 24cm⬆️

This is a Large 120cm x 48cm ⬆️

Of course I can make small Sizes if thats what your prefer or larger canvases. It all depends on what you the client wants. I do have to say the larger canvases are harder to ship and are more expensive, because of shipping and take longer to produce.

Lastly, we offer prints, these are a lot cheaper and will come more in the future!

Thank you for reading, best luck


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